Monday, 19 December 2011

Xmas Poem 4. (Vikki)

Alongside this card, I present you with your bible
May it serve you well as you next unleash the rebel
inside of you, permitting our ears to your way of words,
Now you can discover whether you thought it first,
Pairs of pears, or picking plums out the limelight,
Twas publishable, so no one can call it trite,
I guess I’ve tried to buy you ‘the one‘,
To help ripen your options in the fruit bowl of pun-ch.

Xmas Poem 3. (Coco)

Our time is sparse but we'll meet again, at the next liquid congregation
Whisked over the canyon, burnt our guise, shared a summer paradise,
Watch an Italian film, on spontaneity, made reality out of a dream,
Seeing bands based on a song, relaxing days with koppabums,
You’re like a drug, use exclamation marks far too much,
usually talking in incoherence, many conversations making little sense,
There are so many memories I have with you, and so many more I’m sure we’ll live through!
Love you coca-cola, Zimmerzimemr buddy, let’s period drama and simmer in the beauty!

Xmas Poem 2. (Emma)

Emma, you are purrfect, purr
Now it’s raining cats and dogs, grrr

You clawed your way into University
Even when you’re angry you’re not in a Furry,

Just usually spout a little rant out your meowth,
Always land on your feet, but always yell ouch,

You’re not the kind of person to litter and run away,
I’d imagine you’d sit on the floor and get lost in space,

If you were wound up, you’d bark or bite,
You are pretty much always right, (change line)

Sometimes you’re outta cash and really paw,
the only cat whom people express ‘phwoar’

I’m glad you don’t surprise us with a dead mouse,
it’s good you don’t wander into a random house,

I’m quite glad that you’re not a feline,
glad you don’t smile when it’s your litter time,

Glad you don’t leave mid-conversation
Merry Christmas, and happy Celebrations!

Xmas Poem 1. (erin)

We’re the only ones that project at games,
Who go to book tickets on two days,
to buy tickets to the exact same game.

You’re the only one I know who really loves Five,
when at Babs I know you feel alive,
Taking photos in life is something that you strive.

I bought you a thing that I know will make you burst,
like an Imperial Guard to a 40K Nerd,
or a powerade to a sprinters thirst.

Hope you enjoy - let’s have some wine
Then watch a movie and dine,
and realise that we smell fine!