Monday, 19 December 2011

Xmas Poem 4. (Vikki)

Alongside this card, I present you with your bible
May it serve you well as you next unleash the rebel
inside of you, permitting our ears to your way of words,
Now you can discover whether you thought it first,
Pairs of pears, or picking plums out the limelight,
Twas publishable, so no one can call it trite,
I guess I’ve tried to buy you ‘the one‘,
To help ripen your options in the fruit bowl of pun-ch.

Xmas Poem 3. (Coco)

Our time is sparse but we'll meet again, at the next liquid congregation
Whisked over the canyon, burnt our guise, shared a summer paradise,
Watch an Italian film, on spontaneity, made reality out of a dream,
Seeing bands based on a song, relaxing days with koppabums,
You’re like a drug, use exclamation marks far too much,
usually talking in incoherence, many conversations making little sense,
There are so many memories I have with you, and so many more I’m sure we’ll live through!
Love you coca-cola, Zimmerzimemr buddy, let’s period drama and simmer in the beauty!

Xmas Poem 2. (Emma)

Emma, you are purrfect, purr
Now it’s raining cats and dogs, grrr

You clawed your way into University
Even when you’re angry you’re not in a Furry,

Just usually spout a little rant out your meowth,
Always land on your feet, but always yell ouch,

You’re not the kind of person to litter and run away,
I’d imagine you’d sit on the floor and get lost in space,

If you were wound up, you’d bark or bite,
You are pretty much always right, (change line)

Sometimes you’re outta cash and really paw,
the only cat whom people express ‘phwoar’

I’m glad you don’t surprise us with a dead mouse,
it’s good you don’t wander into a random house,

I’m quite glad that you’re not a feline,
glad you don’t smile when it’s your litter time,

Glad you don’t leave mid-conversation
Merry Christmas, and happy Celebrations!

Xmas Poem 1. (erin)

We’re the only ones that project at games,
Who go to book tickets on two days,
to buy tickets to the exact same game.

You’re the only one I know who really loves Five,
when at Babs I know you feel alive,
Taking photos in life is something that you strive.

I bought you a thing that I know will make you burst,
like an Imperial Guard to a 40K Nerd,
or a powerade to a sprinters thirst.

Hope you enjoy - let’s have some wine
Then watch a movie and dine,
and realise that we smell fine!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


You're my first thought in the morning, and my last thought at night
Though I hide it for dignity, you're a constant in my mind,

You're the person I miss, before I've left your side,
The missing is tough, but I know you're there all the time,

I love the way you wiggle and I love the way you smile,
I love the way I feel complete when you hold me for a while,

I like your silly puns, even the ones I don't understand
I'm envy of all the people who see you all the times I can't.

Nobody's perfect and we all have our faults,
But to love, is to look through them, to realise you're my goal,

Sleeping becomes a joy, when you're in my proximity
I wake up with a smile, when you're lying next to me

I often make mistakes with the words I say to you,
One thing that I'm sure, is that I really do love you.

I guess I just rambled here, to sum up, I like your all
'I had a thought for no one but your ears, that you are beautiful'

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Untitled. MJ

Don’t believe the lies,
Just believe the truth,
Just tell yourself daddy loves you,

Through the anger and pain,
Through the fear of each day,
Through the excitement on stage,
And the pause and delay,

Though he set himself up,
Though he knocked himself down,
The honesty was there,
And it shone through his sound.

Though he made some mistakes,
Though he was only human,
He’ll seem larger than life,
To those who knew him.

Feel privileged, feel lucky,
His death was a tragedy,
But we’ll remember the music,
And the moments he shook,

His feet across stage and did the moonwalk,
Like a child on sugar, like a dog on a course,
Like a moment of lust, and a feeling of love,
Through the minds so corrupt that they feel only remorse,

Through the hunger and striving just to survive,
For the people who take advantage and watch others die,
For the few who try to make a working class life,
To the heroes who sacrifice their body and time.

The soulless warriors who battle through war,
Though the outcome will result in their families loss,
Sometimes you just need to look at the stars,
And ask yourself are you happy how you are?

Some people sing it, say it or keep it all in,
However you feel just make a sure it’s true,
If you can honestly look up and stand by the side,
If you feel you’re use on earth is to watch people die,

This isn’t a preach just a chance for a second glance,
Start with the person in the mirror, make a change,
Make a difference to those who need you,
They’ll cry for your skin,

I’m gonna ask you some questions,
And I don’t want you to lie,
If you didn’t wake up tomorrow,
Would you be happy the way you lived your life?

Did you ever stop to notice all the people dead from war?
Did you ever stop to notice all the blood we shed before?
Did you ever stop to notice you could heal the world or not…
Did you ever stop to wonder, do you give a damn at all?

Think about things, save your world.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I bought you all the proof in the world and you still denied that fairies exist

Not against religion or anyone that believes in it,
but if you're going to believe, open your mind a bit more, I insist.

It's the 21st Century, where truth is history, eyes gauged by disney, engaged in a fantasy
Hoped entirely, connected for eternity, seems an idea so crazy, but my heads gone hazey

In a flash, there's a belief based on mass, too quick to even grasp, for the weak to encompass
There's some wonderful stories, to open kids eyes in mornings, to warnings, days dawning and ignoring the right of way – there's a morality tale, but it's quenched in bread stale and sell-by ale, have you read Peter Pan? For, he's just a man, spreading joy to land, it's an alternative to what you praise, you read a fable, passed from the days, but you weren't alive then. There's no recordings to prove that what you're adoring is real, you claim it reliable, how is it liable? Why can't I get down on my knees, and support a dream, I'm just dying to seize my very own fairies, I'm just throwing it out, proved til found nout,

I bought you all the proof in the world, right in this very book,
It says they floated around and good deeded and took
away life from the bad and passed it into the right,
that's the thesis right, to inspire and enlight
so why all the laughs, the smiles and grins,
you might as well believe your leader is Gin,
For it's an anagram of a word to cuss,
a word you spent most your lives as a drug
For he is white, why is he white? And he's a man, why's he a man?
I've looked for answers but even my own bible won't help: Peter Pan
If you're gonna represent the world with a symbol,
make sure it's representative of all the people
I'm just offering an alternative, I do insist
I bought you all the proof in the world and you still denied that fairies exist,
God damn, freedom of thought is dissed.

*first draft

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Rap: wrote while procrastinating, draft (so I don't lose it)

No one is fucked up
if you wear a suit you're out of touch
wear a hoody you're on drugs
like guyliner, you like one up
the casket, it's like the one with the basket
trying get you to grab it, embrace it, take a bite
now realise you're on surveillance day and night
are you paranoid? Do you think they can't see you?
Try and be controversial, what you think they can't hear you?
If I was a threat, they'd hack my whole back story
There's nothing interesting, not even a premium sob story
They can sell to the papers to make 'dead presidents'
Yeah, I've nicked that from a hero, it's nicked from Eminem
He wasn't calling a bluff, or trying to get bush shot
It's not about that one man, it's bout the whole government
He was aggravated like Itch, Sid and Hyro
When you pledge allegiance, you don't sign with a biro
you sign in mentality, for the good of humanity
I won't pretend, I know the ins and outs of how to run an establishment
but every time I switch on the news, someone else is dead
If I'm allowed to live my life like this, then why are people in China being treated like shit?
I understand equality will never surface, cussing is all I can find to describe this
but I've been brainwashed into thinking swearing is wrong
and I've been stripped of my confidence cos the media's in charge

Imagine if you could build your own damn brain,
You could ignore all the pointless ads and the things that give you strain,
Imagine if you had that chance to be someone great,
Think about it honestly, you could, if you adopted someone else's traits.

I feel privileged everyday, walking freely in my own masquerade
There's things I take for granted, things I can have every single day
Take that ambiguous sentence, give more than second thought
Scrap that, go to someone important and make talking a sport
Sometimes the mass can make an alteration, but often they highlight the intimidation
That one loose end in a harmless mass, that one shingle on a beach of sand
If educations taught me anything, there's a probablity in everything
I've heard countless times 'nothing is impossible' well, they're wrong
There's no way I'll ever walk amongst the stars, sounds silly I know, but people gobble it all up.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

I just exploded...

For 19 years, I lived in a shell
Encompassed by how I felt
redeemed by my lack of self-confidence
There's only so much inner-persistence

If there's aggravation, there's an answer
If there's intimidation, here's a monster
Now the confrontation won't make me lose,
My interpretation of all your youths,

Don't position your hand over my mouth
That motion has been silenced for too long, (enough is enough)

They throw words around, like they must,
Was never the one to scatter the dust
Sat on the outside so patiently,
Loathing the conflict in sincerity,

Let me understand, here's an offspring
Kicked off your land, this'll be inspiring
From first hand, circulate your mood
Change your plan, or they'll intrude

Don't try cover-up with those skull candies
My ears have been open for so long (enough is enough)

I'll explode like a human on incense,
I'll betray all I know as pressured instincts,
I'm malleable as hell, but becoming decay
Once a passing word is now an ashtray

My vocabulary might not be as broad as broad can be,
But I'll exterminate you any day in a spelling bee
I may not have experience or a grade A philosophy
But reassure yourself, you're about to see a rarity

On a counter-active spree, those 19 years I've set free
Undergoing an explosion, a full fisted obligation
Fear locked, avoiding sins, boycotting opinion, dodging obstacles
Time, they say, changes everything, there's no such thing as miracles