Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I bought you all the proof in the world and you still denied that fairies exist

Not against religion or anyone that believes in it,
but if you're going to believe, open your mind a bit more, I insist.

It's the 21st Century, where truth is history, eyes gauged by disney, engaged in a fantasy
Hoped entirely, connected for eternity, seems an idea so crazy, but my heads gone hazey

In a flash, there's a belief based on mass, too quick to even grasp, for the weak to encompass
There's some wonderful stories, to open kids eyes in mornings, to warnings, days dawning and ignoring the right of way – there's a morality tale, but it's quenched in bread stale and sell-by ale, have you read Peter Pan? For, he's just a man, spreading joy to land, it's an alternative to what you praise, you read a fable, passed from the days, but you weren't alive then. There's no recordings to prove that what you're adoring is real, you claim it reliable, how is it liable? Why can't I get down on my knees, and support a dream, I'm just dying to seize my very own fairies, I'm just throwing it out, proved til found nout,

I bought you all the proof in the world, right in this very book,
It says they floated around and good deeded and took
away life from the bad and passed it into the right,
that's the thesis right, to inspire and enlight
so why all the laughs, the smiles and grins,
you might as well believe your leader is Gin,
For it's an anagram of a word to cuss,
a word you spent most your lives as a drug
For he is white, why is he white? And he's a man, why's he a man?
I've looked for answers but even my own bible won't help: Peter Pan
If you're gonna represent the world with a symbol,
make sure it's representative of all the people
I'm just offering an alternative, I do insist
I bought you all the proof in the world and you still denied that fairies exist,
God damn, freedom of thought is dissed.

*first draft

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