Thursday, 21 April 2011


Rap: wrote while procrastinating, draft (so I don't lose it)

No one is fucked up
if you wear a suit you're out of touch
wear a hoody you're on drugs
like guyliner, you like one up
the casket, it's like the one with the basket
trying get you to grab it, embrace it, take a bite
now realise you're on surveillance day and night
are you paranoid? Do you think they can't see you?
Try and be controversial, what you think they can't hear you?
If I was a threat, they'd hack my whole back story
There's nothing interesting, not even a premium sob story
They can sell to the papers to make 'dead presidents'
Yeah, I've nicked that from a hero, it's nicked from Eminem
He wasn't calling a bluff, or trying to get bush shot
It's not about that one man, it's bout the whole government
He was aggravated like Itch, Sid and Hyro
When you pledge allegiance, you don't sign with a biro
you sign in mentality, for the good of humanity
I won't pretend, I know the ins and outs of how to run an establishment
but every time I switch on the news, someone else is dead
If I'm allowed to live my life like this, then why are people in China being treated like shit?
I understand equality will never surface, cussing is all I can find to describe this
but I've been brainwashed into thinking swearing is wrong
and I've been stripped of my confidence cos the media's in charge

Imagine if you could build your own damn brain,
You could ignore all the pointless ads and the things that give you strain,
Imagine if you had that chance to be someone great,
Think about it honestly, you could, if you adopted someone else's traits.

I feel privileged everyday, walking freely in my own masquerade
There's things I take for granted, things I can have every single day
Take that ambiguous sentence, give more than second thought
Scrap that, go to someone important and make talking a sport
Sometimes the mass can make an alteration, but often they highlight the intimidation
That one loose end in a harmless mass, that one shingle on a beach of sand
If educations taught me anything, there's a probablity in everything
I've heard countless times 'nothing is impossible' well, they're wrong
There's no way I'll ever walk amongst the stars, sounds silly I know, but people gobble it all up.

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