Monday, 17 May 2010

Are Reality Shows and Films A True Reflection On Life?

This needs to be re-written with a catchier title, but I can imagine myself singing the chorus so that's a good thing!

I turn on the tv,
And what I see is reality,
But not the reality as I know it,
They try to show it (up),

They try to throw together life,
You can’t copy it,
It’s not something you can predict?

Has everything run smoothly?
Have you never had that downfall?
You look so good tonight,
But nothing is your own
Has everything all gone to plan?
Have you never wanted to end your life?
I want to touch you, but I’m afraid you have no soul,

Plastic Surgery - Cottage Cheese
Rub it on your face, pretend you’re a ghost?
You’re just copying, you’re just flaking!
Hair Extensions, dipped in morphine,
Get high tell the crowd you love them most!
You’re just hiding (yourself), you’re just faking!

Pasta Song

With One Lick makes me high
And one touch lets me know
That you look so good, that you look so good,

One Lick makes me high
One touch lets me know
That you look so good, that you look so good,

One Lick makes me high
One touch lets me know
You look so good tonight,

One Lick makes me high
One touch lets me know
That you look so good on a night like this,
And it feels so tender on the crisp of my lip
And you look so good on a night like this,
I’m tasting you and it feels like bliss

Like a breath of fresh air, or a travelling fair
The colour of mould, and the bleached blonde hair,
When the surfboard’s up, your swimming for free,
And you catch the bus, and feel empty,

Sensational, like flavours of the air
Educational, like the moments we’ve been spared,
I love you, there’s no more to be said
Turn the heat up, gonna boil and drop em off dead,

One lick makes me high,
One touch let’s me know
Can you guess what this song’s about? Can you guess what this song’s about?

I Don't

This is probably my favourite poem that I wrote for Uni, I wish I'd thought up a better name though :/

It’s the unattainable glance that drew you so near,
The irrevocable laughter that kept you begging my dear,
The false heroic nature that dampened your fears,
To me, I will not - to you, I will cheer

Those polished scars and the million dollar lie,
Scour the ugly couples whilst the cheat floats on by,
Leave the deafening sound of those unearthly cries,
I’ll walk on whilst you crawl, goodbye

It’s the superficial accent of the two-faced hellos,
The unfamiliar territory that only you know,
It’s the heat you feel, in the summer you’re snow,
Bottom of a pool, but began with a glow

It’s knowing the end, will cradle you close,
The emotions unspared, were nailed to a post,
Terror involved, it will beat you the most,
Til the surreptitious clangs, the beat of a ghost

The cherry on top of that undated pie,
Rubbed in the face, performance on the mind,
Kicking the weak and thriving at the sight –
Of those poor souls with no one, not even a light,

The blossom of sorrow, as clear as black can be,
The revival of everything, time to trick or dream,
The survival of memory has reawakened the decease,
The denial you’re needed, you are nothing to need

Romantic gestures, his pride would never consume,
Penetration of the arrow welcomes you to doom,
Christmas eve, check the tree, gone too soon,
And that’s what you get for screwing “I Do”

Contagious Identites

If I were a detective,
I would spy the well-dressed,
I would grasp their insecurities,
Be the one they’d impress,

If I were a farmer,
I’d make poetry in the sea,
So the carefree birds above,
Can surrender to beauty,

If I were paranoid,
Be afraid of existence,
Continuous roller-coaster,
Be as hidden as an infant.

If I were a skyscraper,
Admire the glistening features,
Though all wide and far, they’re
Filled with magnificent creatures

If I were a rich girl,
I’d shave off my hair,
Parade with a Mohawk,
Protest, watch, people stare.

If I were a teacher,
I’d start off with love,
Equality, dig and humanity,
I’d be told “get stuffed”

If I were a journey,
Along the mountains I’d search
For colourful nights and dark mornings,
Stories of the past to reimburse

If I were a hockey puck,
I’d be breathing back and forth,
I’d be sliding when the time is up,
I’d be rescue when dangers bought,

If I were a naturist
Eccentric as the leaping antelope,
I’d be as open as an introvert,
I’d be as clean as a man on dope.

If I were an American,
I’d gatecrash at 51,
I’d hi-jack all these satellites,
Spread the news like a drug.

If I were in love with you,
Nothing else would I see,
You’re smile would drift me swiftly,
You’d be my eyes, my ears, my cheeks.

If I were a rainbow,
I’d shine as dull as Japan,
Compress the untimely quakes,
Like the jars held in my hand,

If I were a boy,
I’d always say I’m sorry,
Then again why break the trend,
I’d go and pull a Polly.

If I were somebody else,
I would leapfrog over my dreams,
I would tell how and what I feel,
Alas I can’t, I’m only me

Only what you paint of me,
The picture only you see,

Eyes make me fearless,
Colour makes me painless,

The bright Gray lives on before me,
Part of these Contagious Identities

Everything Or Nothing (Boji)

This is a sonnet, it's not fictional. It was intended originally to be an Elizabethan sonnet, as you see I failed. However the last two lines of the sextet were meant to be the last of the sonnet. I had to re-arrange.

How can I smile, when my smile is broken?
“Time is unlimited”, you used to say,
How can I love, when my heart you’ve taken?
“Dreams are reachable”, but they died today,
Shall I commit to a life unspoken?
Could I pretend a life away, to feel the same?

You were the expressions I could not be
The hours flew by, but there was nothing
You’ve taken the air you promised not to keep
The moment was perfect, but still nothing,
Height could be tackled with only bare feet,
Lips threw emotions, I felt nothing
Cut out all the lullabies and meet –
Me, then tell me “I’m everything”

Poems Go Like This

This is an acrostic poem mocking poetry.

Poems, poems “they have to have a rhyme”,
Only to be broken just like this,
Extend the next line to add a variation,
Make longish words to give an alternative-ation,
Slap a few new words in like the ones up above,

Get a thesaurus and find connotations of love,
Obviously that’s what this one’s about,

Lines 1 and 2 rhyme without a doubt,
If I try another approach: Sonnet, Limerick, Hai –
Ku, Acrostic, A Ballad and end this with “die”
Even though it makes no sense, add a metaphor,

Time to re-enact this to a play and nothing more,
Hello, Hello, Hello - alliteration, repetition?
In here imagery + play-on words-tion?
So here is a guide: Poems Go Like This

The Silence is Deafening For Those Who Do Without

So this is a defamiliarisation poem. It's written in the point of view of a deaf person, hence vibrations fuel my finger tips. Imagine you're favourite passion being music but you can't hear it. Imagine Stevie Wonder, he's an inspiration to me.

The silence is deafening for those who do without,
Simple pleasures, we take for granted, the ceiling of a house,
The vibrations fuel my finger tips, whilst ruffling up my collar,
The removal of my covering, naked melody is so solar

The colours are absent; my heart begins to sing,
One glance at the screen, my ears can read nothing,
My mind goes to bliss, my skin suddenly sinks,
No room for silence, frequencies make me think:

Am I the owner of my brain, can you say you feel the same?
The way we play, you trace, I say, “today, what a waste”

The marching from inside my soul,
The beauty of the rhymes corrupt us all
And correspond correctly to those sheets upon my wall.

If you conform to a structure, you’ll lose your seam,
However, disobeying the law is disbelieving your dream,
As we criticise the world on how and what to do,
We should stop and remember it’s personal opinion too,

It flows through you, it flows through me
Connecting all cultures delicately,
No barrier here, no barrier there,
Highlighting varied morals, this, it’s rare!

So What

Inspired by the Jazz Film 'Round Midnight' and the seminal album 'So What' by Miles Davis (apparently the best selling Jazz record of all time). Again for Uni, a bit rushed as it was written just before my deadline, I wanted to include this!

I see the rusted oaks banished to one side
as the crescent appears as the visions impaired,
It’s a little hazy, often headlined daily
so lost with me, but so gone without me
Is your vision letting you down too?
We be believing in summin’ that isn’t La,
like de dirt beneath me feet, I’m sorry
I just got that beat inside of me,
But when it’s vanished, the earth be still beautiful
There still be hatin’, you still dissin’?
Rete! Dife! Kounye-a!
I’ll walk to a fountain, I’ll walk for you
we’ll walk for you to a kind of a blue
Some places be gold, some places be dollars
Timing in place, where is said place?
Jamaica, France, California, don’t know
Good friends we’ve had, good friends we’ve lost along the way
But we be backpacking like the romancers,
To find a stage in the melting pot,
Surrendered to language, jackpot
Lights escaped me again, eyes have stolen from me
Why do dey steal? Why, anyone?
If they would not, I’d be worth a million dollars,
Instead I’m not.
Made feet to carry, made arms to hold,
made hands to touch, made fingers to push,
mouth , well that’s the executioner,
To execute round midnight, never.
Dey say not right, that’s just not right,
It’s feelings, passion, chords, I speak like them,
I like dem, I like some of dem
Maybe this wrong, maybe should belong, oh
So What?

You Had Me At Hello

The title is one of my favourite lines ever written/spoken. This is a romantic-style poem, or at least the attempt was for it to be. Also written for Uni.

Earth as Nature, Mechanical as heart,
Find the inner core and nurture,
Like the wag of a pedigree tail,
The waves catch the walk of a whale,

You’re the rain that covers the earth’s downpour,
The splash of shine that fills the cumbersome air,
The memories I will have yet to come,
The goodbyer that won’t make me drier,

Pitter patter of pulse moving below
Like a holy grain of rebirth,
Or gazing through a box with time,
Kills the world for all it’s worth,

Elegant swirl manipulates the bed,
Embellishing ocean sours in your head,
As you long for indifference,
Though the inside relies on variety,

Though you’re still snoring, the sky is drawing
your happiest moments, to those with gloom

You are like an omen,
I look up to you and see God,
If you don’t believe the tales,
Use the mountains as your rod,

As I enter the archway,
It’s withering in the wind,
Like a tree with a grin,
Like the sun with no sin,

Love is like a roundabout,
When you’re near the gate, they’re near the ground
While I feel drip drop dry, our other half feel the wrath of the rye

First step of retribution,
The first of denial,
Last of the life you knew before,
Itching at the Horizon,

In our lowest of highs, we bow to the apes,
In our highest of lows, we disregard the primate,

Paid to be fed, for our attraction,
Soon as they’re manly, end of contraction,
Would you deny me for information?
For I would never lie, nor imitation

Portrayed to be much more than anyone could be,
Suck their insides leave them be free,
My star looks out at you as a pre-dream,
Cuddle me, hold me, love me, free Willy

You are like a breath of fresh air,
You pant about, case your thoughts aren’t rekindled,
Well as you leave my side, you fail to know,
You had me at hello.

Isolation, Birth

It's three acrostic poems in one, intially written for Uni but I scrapped it. It's a dogs point of view on the world, each section is a different journey for the dog.

Isolation, tug of war, I am trapped
Separation, from the steel, we’re mis-matched
Overprepare, shield of armour, no trust
Launch squeaky sensation, of lust
Attacking, unknown, won’t return my call
Taught a lesson, full-on collision, the wall
Escaped, free me now, cos I’m gone

Manufacture, the adverts imply it’s a drag,
Entertainment, pack it in and let’s wag,

Birth, the execution of the light
Iris, searching for once a sight
Realise, Initial thoughts, no sky
Terrier, smelling, together we cry
[For] Help

We don't want to talk about it

Lots of external references here, it's basically a protest against conformity. The title line comes from the Anti-Flag song 'The Press Corpse', the first line comes from the Rage Against the Machine song 'Take the Power Back' and ACAB stands for 'All Cops Are Bastards' which was a phrase used by punks a lot, not my personal belief. I wrote this for Uni.

Yo, we gotta take the power back,
Five Nine Percent of people who lack,
The ordinary shoes, a jumper and a Mack,
Sayin’ all we got to offer is a rack,
Decimal point, wrong place you’re a jack -
Of all trades, give it back
ACAB, give something back.

Re-inventing yourself whilst re-branding our nation,
As a silly half-denser, we own communication,
You’re a conning self-sensor, you lost our information,
Controlling the world, our heads are in creation,
The new modern platform, destroy discrimination,
Wrapped in cotton wool, play manipulation,
Grafting our visions, we know intimidation,
This is globalisation, (they say...)

“We don’t want to talk about it”
Acid rain will fall upon us,
Wipe the slate clean, drive a Bentley,
On your knees, admit you’re lazy,
“We don’t want to talk about it” now.

Tory, Labour, Lib Dem – what a shame,
Rolling in karate to make a great name,
Going grief for glory whilst we slave away,
“We need your votes”, “we’re not to blame”
“But Mr we’re in trouble, life aint a game
Can we count on you to save the day,
To be the ‘one that I want’ for always,
To fulfil our needs and exile the crave”,
3,000 letters and a hundred complaints
“Why are we fighting for? Is this your fame?”
Putting trust in you? “they aint so safe”
“Or should we just surrender to the grave”

“We don’t want to talk about it”
Painted smiles, they choke our insides,
Grab a kettle, frazzle your mind,
On our knees, admit we’re crazy,
“We don’t want to talk about it” no more.

Thieving our purse, stapling our lips,
Telling us worse and enlarging our hips,
Bubble has burst, discovered your trick,
Legally shagged, you’re suck a fucking dick,
Losing the fight, yet married in the house,
Losing your sight, yea more lies are gonna help,
Claim benefits? Stereotyped as nout,
We want to believe you but you’ve stuffed us with doubt,
Apparently we dislike smells, gossip and noise,
Raising our bills but with no jobs to employ,
How much is there to take, we’re paying your toys,
No smoking, alcohol, freedom or joy,
Get out of your chair and prove you can ache,
Do what ‘you do’ for them, give us not take,
Nobody’s perfect, everyone makes mistakes,
I’ve never voted ‘you’ because I learned to hate,

“We don’t want to talk about it”
Grab a knife and slice your hand off,
Does it hurt? Feelings are so close,
On your knees, we’re seeing a ghost,
“We don’t want to talk about it”
Watch the news, is it all the truth?
If it is, please give us some proof,
On our knees, are we the villains?
“We don’t want to talk about it” ever.

Burning Down Saturns Rings

I found this whilst looking through my files. It makes me sad because it's based on a real event, however I am fond of the title.

She wants to escape the life she sees,
She wants to live beside the sea,
For a little while, just a little while.

She paces away from her man,
Trying to tell him she's made a plan,
Without him, she doesn't want to be without him.

Her mind fights the words, her eyes fight the moment,
She's scared inside, but she's scared of nothing,
The moment fades in time, she pulls her cell phone,
She caresses the buttons, she tells him everything,

How do you take that? How does he take that?

When you've got everything, you wish for it to be taken away,
When you have no time, you wish time to drown,
When you're alone, claustrophobia comes to play,
When you have it all, weights magically lift the ground,

It makes a surrendering sound,
A sound of defeat surrounds,
Her grasp is tight, for a little while.

She relaxes; the word is okay,
She reads on, it's not okay,
A blatent attack on friends, but they're her friends.

Her mind fights the words, she tries not to say,
She's so scared inside, though she's scared of nothing,
The moment fades in time, retracting the cell phone,
She forgets the message, she's told him everything.

She's lost without him, is she better without him?

When you've got everything, you wish for it to be taken away,
When you have no time, you wish time to drown,
When you're alone, claustrophobia comes to play,
When you have it all, weights magically lift the ground,

Two prisms of love, two hearts of pain,
Two become one, into decay,
Two seperate minds, two different lives,
Living together but falling each day.

When you've lost everything you wish for another day,
When you have no plans, you wish back for your man,
When you're alone, claustrophobia 'I want to play'
When you had it all, you wish you never had.

A Taste of Delicacy

A defamiliarisation poem about dinner.

The pale tender taste of subtleness
Sensitive, surrounded by a harness,
Whose skin shall shatter the weakest,
Boneless, slender - a taste of delicacy

Juxtaposed to a baby toothed drink,
Ambiguity in flavours next to the pink
Food on my fork, which is on the brink
Of destruction - a taste of delicacy

A swirl corrupted by the curved curl of cream,
An indelicate lift, emotions demolishing at the seam,
A tree-like colour that lay under as a lean,
End of the first plate of delicacy,

Nothing left in trace, second plate
Indulge into the base, second taste
Quick pace, nothing left in space
The end of my taste of delicacy

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Passions of Uncertainty

It was inspried by the artist who painted Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg outside my polling station on election day. The painting was cartoon-esque and really captured my imagination, so thank you artist! It’s part of a chapter but thought I’d add it to my blog, and here as well!

Something you have no connection to can satisfy your mind,
The artist’s creating his vision so you can enjoy your mile,
A blend of the dominance eats the light,
A breakdown of normality fills your sight,

I’m not an artist, so I won’t have it all.

You will never be that spatial so capture your glance,
Blacklisted for eternity unless you tempt fate with chance,
Limited thinking, eye-opening brush,
Everlasting dreaming, an undeniable crush,

You can’t have it all,
You can’t speak in swirls,
You can’t own your world,
I could have it all.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Butterflies do exist (Will)

Butterflies do exist

Know that it's butterflies dear,
Know that my head disappears,
Know actions can only mean,
Know your words can never be,

A pause for breath, Sting said it best.

If I minus the tongue from my thoughts,
You'll know what I speak is what I dream,
If you exclude your smile from my glance
Will I feel empty? Without me?
But what is a dream if your matter,
Words will scatter, absense could only shatter,
If you silence the tongue from your speech
Are we then within firing reach?

We have no history, a confusion of beauty
Future of the distance, Legancy in an instance
Catching you like a cheetah, mother, can't wait to meet her,
Is this the end of my world? Arriving a newfound girl.

A pause for rest, Wheeler knows the rest.

If I minus the tongue from my thoughts,
You'll know what I speak is what I dream,
If you exclude your smile from my glance
Will I feel empty? Without me?
But what is a dream if your matter,
Words will scatter, absense could only shatter,
If you silence the tongue from your speech
Are we then within firing reach?

Is it all in my mind?
Or are stars really soaring?
Is it all just a myth?
Or do aliens really exist?
Is it all just a lie?
That I am now discovering?
Or could this be yours and mine,
Our worlds collide?

Einaudi makes it clear, its butterflies dear.