Monday, 17 May 2010

Are Reality Shows and Films A True Reflection On Life?

This needs to be re-written with a catchier title, but I can imagine myself singing the chorus so that's a good thing!

I turn on the tv,
And what I see is reality,
But not the reality as I know it,
They try to show it (up),

They try to throw together life,
You can’t copy it,
It’s not something you can predict?

Has everything run smoothly?
Have you never had that downfall?
You look so good tonight,
But nothing is your own
Has everything all gone to plan?
Have you never wanted to end your life?
I want to touch you, but I’m afraid you have no soul,

Plastic Surgery - Cottage Cheese
Rub it on your face, pretend you’re a ghost?
You’re just copying, you’re just flaking!
Hair Extensions, dipped in morphine,
Get high tell the crowd you love them most!
You’re just hiding (yourself), you’re just faking!

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