Monday, 17 May 2010

You Had Me At Hello

The title is one of my favourite lines ever written/spoken. This is a romantic-style poem, or at least the attempt was for it to be. Also written for Uni.

Earth as Nature, Mechanical as heart,
Find the inner core and nurture,
Like the wag of a pedigree tail,
The waves catch the walk of a whale,

You’re the rain that covers the earth’s downpour,
The splash of shine that fills the cumbersome air,
The memories I will have yet to come,
The goodbyer that won’t make me drier,

Pitter patter of pulse moving below
Like a holy grain of rebirth,
Or gazing through a box with time,
Kills the world for all it’s worth,

Elegant swirl manipulates the bed,
Embellishing ocean sours in your head,
As you long for indifference,
Though the inside relies on variety,

Though you’re still snoring, the sky is drawing
your happiest moments, to those with gloom

You are like an omen,
I look up to you and see God,
If you don’t believe the tales,
Use the mountains as your rod,

As I enter the archway,
It’s withering in the wind,
Like a tree with a grin,
Like the sun with no sin,

Love is like a roundabout,
When you’re near the gate, they’re near the ground
While I feel drip drop dry, our other half feel the wrath of the rye

First step of retribution,
The first of denial,
Last of the life you knew before,
Itching at the Horizon,

In our lowest of highs, we bow to the apes,
In our highest of lows, we disregard the primate,

Paid to be fed, for our attraction,
Soon as they’re manly, end of contraction,
Would you deny me for information?
For I would never lie, nor imitation

Portrayed to be much more than anyone could be,
Suck their insides leave them be free,
My star looks out at you as a pre-dream,
Cuddle me, hold me, love me, free Willy

You are like a breath of fresh air,
You pant about, case your thoughts aren’t rekindled,
Well as you leave my side, you fail to know,
You had me at hello.

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