Monday, 17 May 2010

Everything Or Nothing (Boji)

This is a sonnet, it's not fictional. It was intended originally to be an Elizabethan sonnet, as you see I failed. However the last two lines of the sextet were meant to be the last of the sonnet. I had to re-arrange.

How can I smile, when my smile is broken?
“Time is unlimited”, you used to say,
How can I love, when my heart you’ve taken?
“Dreams are reachable”, but they died today,
Shall I commit to a life unspoken?
Could I pretend a life away, to feel the same?

You were the expressions I could not be
The hours flew by, but there was nothing
You’ve taken the air you promised not to keep
The moment was perfect, but still nothing,
Height could be tackled with only bare feet,
Lips threw emotions, I felt nothing
Cut out all the lullabies and meet –
Me, then tell me “I’m everything”

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