Monday, 17 May 2010

So What

Inspired by the Jazz Film 'Round Midnight' and the seminal album 'So What' by Miles Davis (apparently the best selling Jazz record of all time). Again for Uni, a bit rushed as it was written just before my deadline, I wanted to include this!

I see the rusted oaks banished to one side
as the crescent appears as the visions impaired,
It’s a little hazy, often headlined daily
so lost with me, but so gone without me
Is your vision letting you down too?
We be believing in summin’ that isn’t La,
like de dirt beneath me feet, I’m sorry
I just got that beat inside of me,
But when it’s vanished, the earth be still beautiful
There still be hatin’, you still dissin’?
Rete! Dife! Kounye-a!
I’ll walk to a fountain, I’ll walk for you
we’ll walk for you to a kind of a blue
Some places be gold, some places be dollars
Timing in place, where is said place?
Jamaica, France, California, don’t know
Good friends we’ve had, good friends we’ve lost along the way
But we be backpacking like the romancers,
To find a stage in the melting pot,
Surrendered to language, jackpot
Lights escaped me again, eyes have stolen from me
Why do dey steal? Why, anyone?
If they would not, I’d be worth a million dollars,
Instead I’m not.
Made feet to carry, made arms to hold,
made hands to touch, made fingers to push,
mouth , well that’s the executioner,
To execute round midnight, never.
Dey say not right, that’s just not right,
It’s feelings, passion, chords, I speak like them,
I like dem, I like some of dem
Maybe this wrong, maybe should belong, oh
So What?

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