Monday, 17 May 2010

We don't want to talk about it

Lots of external references here, it's basically a protest against conformity. The title line comes from the Anti-Flag song 'The Press Corpse', the first line comes from the Rage Against the Machine song 'Take the Power Back' and ACAB stands for 'All Cops Are Bastards' which was a phrase used by punks a lot, not my personal belief. I wrote this for Uni.

Yo, we gotta take the power back,
Five Nine Percent of people who lack,
The ordinary shoes, a jumper and a Mack,
Sayin’ all we got to offer is a rack,
Decimal point, wrong place you’re a jack -
Of all trades, give it back
ACAB, give something back.

Re-inventing yourself whilst re-branding our nation,
As a silly half-denser, we own communication,
You’re a conning self-sensor, you lost our information,
Controlling the world, our heads are in creation,
The new modern platform, destroy discrimination,
Wrapped in cotton wool, play manipulation,
Grafting our visions, we know intimidation,
This is globalisation, (they say...)

“We don’t want to talk about it”
Acid rain will fall upon us,
Wipe the slate clean, drive a Bentley,
On your knees, admit you’re lazy,
“We don’t want to talk about it” now.

Tory, Labour, Lib Dem – what a shame,
Rolling in karate to make a great name,
Going grief for glory whilst we slave away,
“We need your votes”, “we’re not to blame”
“But Mr we’re in trouble, life aint a game
Can we count on you to save the day,
To be the ‘one that I want’ for always,
To fulfil our needs and exile the crave”,
3,000 letters and a hundred complaints
“Why are we fighting for? Is this your fame?”
Putting trust in you? “they aint so safe”
“Or should we just surrender to the grave”

“We don’t want to talk about it”
Painted smiles, they choke our insides,
Grab a kettle, frazzle your mind,
On our knees, admit we’re crazy,
“We don’t want to talk about it” no more.

Thieving our purse, stapling our lips,
Telling us worse and enlarging our hips,
Bubble has burst, discovered your trick,
Legally shagged, you’re suck a fucking dick,
Losing the fight, yet married in the house,
Losing your sight, yea more lies are gonna help,
Claim benefits? Stereotyped as nout,
We want to believe you but you’ve stuffed us with doubt,
Apparently we dislike smells, gossip and noise,
Raising our bills but with no jobs to employ,
How much is there to take, we’re paying your toys,
No smoking, alcohol, freedom or joy,
Get out of your chair and prove you can ache,
Do what ‘you do’ for them, give us not take,
Nobody’s perfect, everyone makes mistakes,
I’ve never voted ‘you’ because I learned to hate,

“We don’t want to talk about it”
Grab a knife and slice your hand off,
Does it hurt? Feelings are so close,
On your knees, we’re seeing a ghost,
“We don’t want to talk about it”
Watch the news, is it all the truth?
If it is, please give us some proof,
On our knees, are we the villains?
“We don’t want to talk about it” ever.

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