Monday, 17 May 2010

I Don't

This is probably my favourite poem that I wrote for Uni, I wish I'd thought up a better name though :/

It’s the unattainable glance that drew you so near,
The irrevocable laughter that kept you begging my dear,
The false heroic nature that dampened your fears,
To me, I will not - to you, I will cheer

Those polished scars and the million dollar lie,
Scour the ugly couples whilst the cheat floats on by,
Leave the deafening sound of those unearthly cries,
I’ll walk on whilst you crawl, goodbye

It’s the superficial accent of the two-faced hellos,
The unfamiliar territory that only you know,
It’s the heat you feel, in the summer you’re snow,
Bottom of a pool, but began with a glow

It’s knowing the end, will cradle you close,
The emotions unspared, were nailed to a post,
Terror involved, it will beat you the most,
Til the surreptitious clangs, the beat of a ghost

The cherry on top of that undated pie,
Rubbed in the face, performance on the mind,
Kicking the weak and thriving at the sight –
Of those poor souls with no one, not even a light,

The blossom of sorrow, as clear as black can be,
The revival of everything, time to trick or dream,
The survival of memory has reawakened the decease,
The denial you’re needed, you are nothing to need

Romantic gestures, his pride would never consume,
Penetration of the arrow welcomes you to doom,
Christmas eve, check the tree, gone too soon,
And that’s what you get for screwing “I Do”

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