Monday, 17 May 2010

Contagious Identites

If I were a detective,
I would spy the well-dressed,
I would grasp their insecurities,
Be the one they’d impress,

If I were a farmer,
I’d make poetry in the sea,
So the carefree birds above,
Can surrender to beauty,

If I were paranoid,
Be afraid of existence,
Continuous roller-coaster,
Be as hidden as an infant.

If I were a skyscraper,
Admire the glistening features,
Though all wide and far, they’re
Filled with magnificent creatures

If I were a rich girl,
I’d shave off my hair,
Parade with a Mohawk,
Protest, watch, people stare.

If I were a teacher,
I’d start off with love,
Equality, dig and humanity,
I’d be told “get stuffed”

If I were a journey,
Along the mountains I’d search
For colourful nights and dark mornings,
Stories of the past to reimburse

If I were a hockey puck,
I’d be breathing back and forth,
I’d be sliding when the time is up,
I’d be rescue when dangers bought,

If I were a naturist
Eccentric as the leaping antelope,
I’d be as open as an introvert,
I’d be as clean as a man on dope.

If I were an American,
I’d gatecrash at 51,
I’d hi-jack all these satellites,
Spread the news like a drug.

If I were in love with you,
Nothing else would I see,
You’re smile would drift me swiftly,
You’d be my eyes, my ears, my cheeks.

If I were a rainbow,
I’d shine as dull as Japan,
Compress the untimely quakes,
Like the jars held in my hand,

If I were a boy,
I’d always say I’m sorry,
Then again why break the trend,
I’d go and pull a Polly.

If I were somebody else,
I would leapfrog over my dreams,
I would tell how and what I feel,
Alas I can’t, I’m only me

Only what you paint of me,
The picture only you see,

Eyes make me fearless,
Colour makes me painless,

The bright Gray lives on before me,
Part of these Contagious Identities

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