Monday, 17 May 2010

Isolation, Birth

It's three acrostic poems in one, intially written for Uni but I scrapped it. It's a dogs point of view on the world, each section is a different journey for the dog.

Isolation, tug of war, I am trapped
Separation, from the steel, we’re mis-matched
Overprepare, shield of armour, no trust
Launch squeaky sensation, of lust
Attacking, unknown, won’t return my call
Taught a lesson, full-on collision, the wall
Escaped, free me now, cos I’m gone

Manufacture, the adverts imply it’s a drag,
Entertainment, pack it in and let’s wag,

Birth, the execution of the light
Iris, searching for once a sight
Realise, Initial thoughts, no sky
Terrier, smelling, together we cry
[For] Help

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