Monday, 17 May 2010

Poems Go Like This

This is an acrostic poem mocking poetry.

Poems, poems “they have to have a rhyme”,
Only to be broken just like this,
Extend the next line to add a variation,
Make longish words to give an alternative-ation,
Slap a few new words in like the ones up above,

Get a thesaurus and find connotations of love,
Obviously that’s what this one’s about,

Lines 1 and 2 rhyme without a doubt,
If I try another approach: Sonnet, Limerick, Hai –
Ku, Acrostic, A Ballad and end this with “die”
Even though it makes no sense, add a metaphor,

Time to re-enact this to a play and nothing more,
Hello, Hello, Hello - alliteration, repetition?
In here imagery + play-on words-tion?
So here is a guide: Poems Go Like This

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