Thursday, 17 February 2011

I just exploded...

For 19 years, I lived in a shell
Encompassed by how I felt
redeemed by my lack of self-confidence
There's only so much inner-persistence

If there's aggravation, there's an answer
If there's intimidation, here's a monster
Now the confrontation won't make me lose,
My interpretation of all your youths,

Don't position your hand over my mouth
That motion has been silenced for too long, (enough is enough)

They throw words around, like they must,
Was never the one to scatter the dust
Sat on the outside so patiently,
Loathing the conflict in sincerity,

Let me understand, here's an offspring
Kicked off your land, this'll be inspiring
From first hand, circulate your mood
Change your plan, or they'll intrude

Don't try cover-up with those skull candies
My ears have been open for so long (enough is enough)

I'll explode like a human on incense,
I'll betray all I know as pressured instincts,
I'm malleable as hell, but becoming decay
Once a passing word is now an ashtray

My vocabulary might not be as broad as broad can be,
But I'll exterminate you any day in a spelling bee
I may not have experience or a grade A philosophy
But reassure yourself, you're about to see a rarity

On a counter-active spree, those 19 years I've set free
Undergoing an explosion, a full fisted obligation
Fear locked, avoiding sins, boycotting opinion, dodging obstacles
Time, they say, changes everything, there's no such thing as miracles

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