Friday, 17 December 2010

Life of Constant Static

(word for word what escaped my mind on the train journey home, this was how I vented)

Democratic thinking, does allow an argument
Sidestepping conflict, here is how I’ll vent

I’m sorry for your loss, truly I am
Though it doesn’t really feel you give a damn,
The insurance you’re saving,
you are frantically waving
in my face, while playing
a game stead’ of patiently waiting,
I know you have issues and we can’t all be placid,
But it won’t make a difference to your life of constant static

I’ve discovered your lies, I’ll be spreading them fast,
I’m not vindictive but I’d prefer the last laugh

I’m sorry for your loss, truly I am
Seems you’ve already gained a new man,
I’d call you a whore
But karma will settle the score,
Show you what you adore,
Then break it down some more
I do not wish you to feel any pain,
I do something wonder if you feel any shame

Close to telling you, you would rip my head off
Cos you cannot be wrong, so I’ll just keep my mouth shut

I’m sorry for your loss, truly I am
A few hours less sleep, it’s not like you have a plan
You have nowhere to be
and no one to see,
You take the money for free
Spend on your free treats
Other people have to work, save and scrimp
All you do is display yourself as a pimp

These words, every one is from the heart,
Does it hurt to know you’ll never open me up?
I’ll never let you in, it’s not my lack of trust,
I guess metaphorically speaking enough is enough

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