Thursday, 20 October 2011

Untitled. MJ

Don’t believe the lies,
Just believe the truth,
Just tell yourself daddy loves you,

Through the anger and pain,
Through the fear of each day,
Through the excitement on stage,
And the pause and delay,

Though he set himself up,
Though he knocked himself down,
The honesty was there,
And it shone through his sound.

Though he made some mistakes,
Though he was only human,
He’ll seem larger than life,
To those who knew him.

Feel privileged, feel lucky,
His death was a tragedy,
But we’ll remember the music,
And the moments he shook,

His feet across stage and did the moonwalk,
Like a child on sugar, like a dog on a course,
Like a moment of lust, and a feeling of love,
Through the minds so corrupt that they feel only remorse,

Through the hunger and striving just to survive,
For the people who take advantage and watch others die,
For the few who try to make a working class life,
To the heroes who sacrifice their body and time.

The soulless warriors who battle through war,
Though the outcome will result in their families loss,
Sometimes you just need to look at the stars,
And ask yourself are you happy how you are?

Some people sing it, say it or keep it all in,
However you feel just make a sure it’s true,
If you can honestly look up and stand by the side,
If you feel you’re use on earth is to watch people die,

This isn’t a preach just a chance for a second glance,
Start with the person in the mirror, make a change,
Make a difference to those who need you,
They’ll cry for your skin,

I’m gonna ask you some questions,
And I don’t want you to lie,
If you didn’t wake up tomorrow,
Would you be happy the way you lived your life?

Did you ever stop to notice all the people dead from war?
Did you ever stop to notice all the blood we shed before?
Did you ever stop to notice you could heal the world or not…
Did you ever stop to wonder, do you give a damn at all?

Think about things, save your world.

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